Before we talk about what Groupee offers, let’s review its concept:  Unadulterated messaging, absolute filtration and control – to the sender and to the receiver of the message. For the first time, the control is handed over to the receiver of the message and not to the sender – A reversed concept when considering your run-of-the-mill texting applications.

Choosing subjects of interest and giving the control over them to you!

The group’s admin can decide which and how many subjects will be discussed in the group. The receiver of the message chooses which subjects are of interest to them and only the relevant messages will be presented.

The user can modify the subjects anytime!

First Group: Groupee

This group, though it is not limited in users, is suitable for an organic setting like close friends, family, small work crews etc.

Every user can send a message to all participants and most important – every user can choose which subject-related messaging they will receive.

For example: A small start-up company can open subjects like “Development”, “QA”, “Lunch”, “Marketing Lectures” etc. Each user can choose the content that is interesting or relevant to them and participate in those groups only.

The Group is private. Hidden in search engines. Joining by invitation only.

channel group - mobile app

The Dictator Group

This group is suitable for people who are interested in getting information from the group but not interested in its members.

For example: A third-grade teacher, 2 assistants and the school’s headmaster can be admins in a group with subjects like “homework”, “trips”, “educational video”, “pictures from the classroom” or any other subjects.

The participants (pupils) can choose the subjects they would like to be updated with and will receive messages in these subjects only.

  • When the admins send a message it will be under their personal name.
  • A non-admin is unable to message in the group.
  • The group is private, hidden from search engines, can be joined by invitation only.

Channel Group

Who: suitable for big businesses, towns, associations etc., this group is reminiscent to telegram, only with an option to choose subjects.



  • The admin opens subject groups and appoints more admins (if needed).


  • The follower can look for the group in Groupee’s search engine or join from the official website without invitation. They can choose subjects and be updated in everything that is interesting to them.


  • The admin that sends the message doesn’t use their personal name. Instead each admin the group might have is identified by the group’s name. Thus the messaging is official and impersonal.


For Example: The FC Barcelona Fan Club open a group with subjects like “League Videos”, “Statistics”, “Upcoming Games”, “Tickets Sales” etc.


100% Free
100% Private
100% Control
No personal information is collected
No cookies following you around
No Ads

All Features

And all features you already love and familiar.
It’s true that it’s a standard today, but all the comforts are here.
Real time messaging
Picture sending
A well-designed Ad


In all the groups there is no user limit. Absolute user control over content: set subjects of interest, set receiving time and freely exit any group.

In the future?

We are planning countless surprises, everyone with the concept of quietness and total filtration. For example, receiving messages by geography or time. Everlasting mute and more. There is much to expect!

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