Groupee is a whole revolutionary concept that is bringing an opposite approach to social media.
No more wasting time! Focusing on what really matters.

Groupee boasts a revolutionary approach to messaging apps, cutting out the junk chatter and allowing only personally relevant info. Now you can focus on what really matters to YOU!

On WhatsApp the group admin and participants are free to send never-ending messages and spam you.

WhatsApp doesn’t filter the messages you get and the people who send them.

Groupee allows YOU to choose between the types of messages you receive, the people sending them and the type of group they’re sent in.

We love Telegram! However, you have no control over the content you receive. Either you get all the messages or you may leave the group. You have no choice.

In groupee you may decide what content you receive, from whom you receive it and you can also define super specific information you wish to receive.

  • Slack is expensive to use
  • Slack directs their platform as a work tool for business teams and work colleagues to communicate.
  • Groupee is a multi task tool for any type of group.

Businesses use Facebook to feed you with information and commercials you don’t want or need!

In addition you can either follow a page or not. You can’t choose just some parts. 

Groupee will enable you to follow a business and to choose which parts of it interest you.

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