The Story Behind

Ido (Groupee CEO and founder) was the only guy attending a weekly yoga class.

He wasn’t interested in the social benefits of the yoga group and was attending the class in order to relieve back pain.

Ido asked the yoga teacher to personally message him if there was ever a class cancellation, but she couldn’t commit to individually messaging him and asked him to join the yoga class WhatsApp group.

27 woman and 1 guy in a Whatsapp group…. after a few weeks as a group member Ido had enough of being constantly distracted by the non-stop message feeds being sent in the group and he had to “silence” the group.

A few weeks later Ido arrived for the weekly class but no one else showed up.

He had missed the one relevant group message that he needed informing him that the class was canceled.

Groupee was created to answer this common need – “to control your time and focus on what matters”

The Team

Ido Sela – Wisy’s CEO, Entrepreneur, Community Leader. Has vast experience in Development, Execution & Management. 4 “Full Stack” senior developers, each one of them has more than 10 years of successful experience together as a team.

The Vision

We believe that the current communication is wrong.

People are wasting time on non-relevant communication & media consumption.

Communication platform especially Facebook & WhatsApp are preventing people from really communicating.

Time is priceless and must be valued.

Our vision is to enable people to focus on what really matters to them.

Groupee will offer them what they need – nothing less, nothing more.

Current Status & Funding

We’ve been working on Groupee for a year and a half year, we have been self funded by Wisy LTD – CEO, Ido Slea.

We are in the Alpha stage of development and ready to proceed to the Beta stage of development.




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