Messages that matter!

A messaging app for groups with an opposite concept

minimum info and relevant only!

Every message counts!

Reclaim your time!

How much time have you wasted on checking your phone, just to see group messages that are not relevant and unimportant to you?

Groupee Messenger allows participation in the same groups minus the chatter! Now you can get the important messages only. Only? Only!!!

The Golden Path

Today, either you can be in a group or leave a group, follow a business or unfollow a business. There is no midway.

With Groupee you can choose to partially follow a group or business, and receive only the updates that are of interest to you!

Take Control!

It is time to stop allowing others to waste your time and energy with spam chatter!

With Groupee you can control WHAT you receive, from WHOM you receive and WHEN you receive the messages.


We’ve forgotten what’s really important 
and how to focus our attention without ongoing distractions.

Groupee enables you to identify and focus on the messages which 
are worth your time reading and to cut out any unwanted 
disturbances, eliminating unwanted messaging and refining 
your use of social media.

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